Flashforge PLA Pro 1kg

The best, most consistent and most tested PLA filament, engineered and manufactured by Flashforge. Made with high quality PLA material to ensure smooth feeding and extrusion. Use with confidence!
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Filament Diameter

Material Properties

Flashforge PLA filament is composed of the purest-grade material and manufactured in dust-free workshop to keep out dust and foreign particles, preventing nozzle jams and yielding smooth 3D models. Each Flashforge PLA filament is diameter-detected to guarantee dimensional accuracy within +/- 0.02mm in order to be always consistent. Every Flashforge PLA filament undergoes strict quality test using the largest 3D model that requires 48 hours of print time, printed at minimum layer thickness to ensure quality and reliable prints.


These filaments will work well with any printer that takes 1.75mm PLA. They might however require an external spool holder if they do not fit on the spool holder that comes with the printer.

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