Flashforge Ultra Strong Pearl PLA 1kg

Ultra Strong Pearl PLA is a new special blend of PLA and polyester, combined together to produce a high quality filament, ideal for stronger and better looking models. Thanks to it's formula it is less brittle than PLA while still being easy to print with.
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Filament Diameter

Material Properties

Filament special blending allows prints to be much less brittle than standard PLA while still being easy to print with, and incredibly low warping.The spools are specifically designed to fit the Creator 3 3D Printer, but they can be used on other printers that print with 1.75mm PLA. Due to the exceptionally low warping of this material, this can be printed without a heated bed, although may require a raft for some larger prints. If the printer you have has a heated bed, we'd recommend printing with the bed between 40-60 degrees, especially for larger, flatter prints.


These filaments will work well with any printer that takes 1.75mm PLA. They might however require an external spool holder if they do not fit on the spool holder that comes with the printer.

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