Printing services

ANiMA offers high-quality 3D Printing services for rapid prototyping and small production at competitive prices. Our experienced and specialized personnel is able to give advice on settings and properties, and post-process your model to perfection.

In order to produce your part we need the 3D model in a digital form.

The file formats we work with are: .stl, .stp, .stp, .obj, .3mf.


SLS (Selective Laser Sintering)


Available Material: Polyamide PA12

Description: SLS technology is used in both rapid prototyping and low-volume production of functional plastic parts. It gives you the ability to manufacture incredibly complex geometries since there is no need for support material.


UV Resins (DLP / Figure 4 / SLA)


Available Materials: Figure 4 Pro-BLK 10, Figure 4 Rubber-65A BLK, Figure 4 Hi-Temp 300-AMB, ProPresiceSL, and many more!

Description: Parts with smooth surface finish and great details. While most resin materials are used for prototyping purposes, thanks to the advanced Figure 4 resin lineup, our company can offer you direct manufacturing of functional parts and end-use products, with the look and feel of injection molding.




Available Materials: PLA, Tough PLA, PETG, HIPS, ABS, PC (Polycarbonate), TPU (Flexible)




Available Material: Stainless Steel 316

Maximum Dimensions: Up to 160x160x100 mm