Quality Policy

At ANIMA we are fully committed to:

• Providing services and products that will fully satisfy our customers, cover their requirements and comply with the applicable regulatory and legislative requirements.
• Implementing orders and/ or contracts exactly as agreed with our customers and also, performing all of our Company’s obligations in full.
• Our goal always remains continuous and complete customer satisfaction.
• Providing immediate response to the requests and problems of our customers and partners.
• the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, as well as the operations of the Company.

For the implementation of the Quality Policy, the Company operates with the following principles:

• Each employee is responsible for the quality of his own work and fully informed about the applied Quality Management System (QMS) of the Company and the goals/ indicators that have been set.
• As a Company we set goals, provide the necessary resources to achieve them, and analyze the results of the statistical analysis, in the context of our continuous effort to improve the products and services provided to our customers.
• To provide the staff or our Company with the appropriate training, equipment, and infrastructure to properly perform the tasks assigned to them.
• The Company has appointed a Quality Management Officer who has organizational independence and jurisdiction to ensure that the SAB is applied in cases where it is required to take appropriate corrective action.
• The suppliers we work with, comply with the Company's commitments to its customers and stakeholders.

All staff and external partners (when necessary) are required to implement the Single Management System that falls within their field of activity.