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Color 3D Printing

Full-color 3D printers are able to create objects with photorealistic color. To do so, the 3D printer must be able to mix different filaments or inks together to obtain precise shades and gradients, similar to regular 2D paper printers. This is also known as indirect color 3D printing, as the color is applied to the base material (the base material isn’t pre-colored before 3D printing).



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UNIQUE PHOTO-REALISTIC FULL COLOR 3D PRINTING Unparalleled color capabilities to produce the most realistic models with the highest resolution full CMYK, at high throughput with 5X-10X faster print speed than all other technologies and up to 7X lower part cost.
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Logo of the manufacturer of: ProJet CJP 660Pro
3D Printing TechnologyFull Color (CJP)
Build Volume254 x 381 x 203 mm
Layer Height100 microns
Material CompatibilityVisiJet PXL
The ProJet CJP 860Pro is our most productive professional CMYK full-color 3D printer, featuring our largest build volume and highest resolution. Print higher volume or large-scale concept models with ease at every stage of design and development to quickly and affordably explore more design options, obtain feedback, refine and repeat the cycle until designs are perfect, reducing costly changes later in the process.
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Logo of the manufacturer of: ProJet CJP 860Pro
3D Printing TechnologyFull Color (CJP)
Build Volume508 x 381 x 229 mm
Layer Height0.1 mm
Material CompatibilityVisiJet PXL
All-in-One Redefined: Change the way you work. Scan and print in full color using only one machine, the da Vinci Color AiO.
3.225,00 €
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3D Printing TechnologyFFF - FDM
Build Volume200 x 200 x 150 mm
Layer Height100 - 400 microns
Product Weight34 kg