A few days ago Meltio made a public demo of the robotic-based WAAM system and related digital-twin. With that system Meltio can perform any AM task, simulate the printing process, follow it from a digital-twin and fully control the printing process. Meltio now focusing in the LMD (Laser Metal Deposition) version which is controlled by the same software and related infrastructure.
ANiMA- The 3D Printer Experts sponsored the Racing Team Perseus from FSAE Team - University of Western Macedonia (Kozani), for this year’s Student Formula Racing Competition. We wish them the very best of luck!
ANiMA equipped the Additive Manufacturing Unit of CERTH (AMU) with 3D Solutions to develop their R&D, Rapid prototyping, and Industrial manufacturing infrastructures.
ANiMA equipped the Additive Manufacturing Unit of CERTH (AMU), laboratory of Information Technologies Institute, with 3D Solutions to develop their R&D, Rapid prototyping, and Industrial manufacturing infrastructures.
Friday, March 19, 2021 Figure 4 Rigid White
Figure 4 Rigid White
Discover "A Digital Alternative to Injection Molding." Download the direct digital production white paper to enrich your understanding of 3D Systems’ Figure 4 technology: #Figure4 Standalone: Affordable and versatile integrated solution for low-volume production and fast prototyping. See the product: #prototyping #3dprinting #additivemanufacturing #technology #innovation #manufacturing
Tuesday, January 12, 2021 How does SLS 3D printing work?
SLS 3D printing uses a high-powered laser to fuse powdered thermoplastic material together into a desired 3D shape. SLS relies on the principle of “sintering” a material to form a solid mass. Sintering refers to the process of compacting a loose material, such as a plastic powder, by the application of heat or pressure. Sintering does not melt the material, but rather provides just enough energy for the atoms of separate objects to diffuse across the material boundaries. SLS produces tough, functional parts, with the ability to achieve good surface finish, fine detailing and (almost) no geometrical constraints, as it doesn’t need support material. This production-grade technology is ideal for both functional prototyping and small production runs, as it offers a high degree of design freedom, high accuracy, and exceptional mechanical properties to rival those of injection-molded parts.
We are very happy every time we can share our passion for Additive Manufacturing and we support young & creative students to expand their knowledge in 3D technologies!
Tuesday, January 5, 2021 MEDICAL 3D PRINTING
We are proud every time Additive Manufacturing is used in order to support the Medical Industry. We also feel happy when 3D technology is used to make people's lives better! Nowadays, the Medical sector has increasingly relied on 3D printed skulls to prepare for surgery before proceeding with challenging situations, such as treating adults that have suffered from severe trauma caused by violent accidents. The first step is obtaining personalized data taken from a computerized tomography, commonly known as a CAT scan, to make an electronic 3D design of the patient’s skull. The next crucial step is printing the skull in a three-dimensional, life-size model. The print is used as a 100% accurate model so that the surgeon can practice the procedure. This translates to faster operation times, smaller incisions, less blood loss and of course elimination of uncertainty. The skull was created by using an #XYZ Printing PartPro 150xp 3D printer from ANiMA’s well-experienced engineers. 😊 Well Done ANiMA team!
ΧΥΖPrinting, PartPro100xP – 4 Βασικοί Λόγοι για να τον Αγοράσεις! 1. Προσιτός #3D εκτυπωτής υψηλής ανάλυσης με βάση την τεχνολογία DLP 2. Άριστη ποιότητα, αξιοπιστία και λεπτομέρεια 3. Ιδανικός για την κατασκευή πρωτότυπων μικρών εξαρτημάτων με ανθεκτικότητα & τέλειο φινίρισμα 4. Ευρεία γκάμα εφαρμογών & υλικών Δείτε τον 3D εκτυπωτή: Επικοινωνήστε μαζί μας: