CreatBot D600 Pro

Ο πιο προηγμένος βιομηχανικός 3D printer μεγάλων διαστασέων, προσιτός από κάθε βιομηχανία.
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D600 was created since year of 2016, Its fully enclosed print volume 600*600*600mm is able to make industrial prototype large-scale objects as easy as possible. We upgrade it twice every year with CreatBot's most advanced technology. If you want to print large models with PLA, ABS, PETG, Carbon fiber, the D600 will be good.

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D600 Pro

D600 Pro version was deep developed in year of 2018, It is able to 3D print large size objects with high performance material for industrial application directly. Besides D600 materials, Carbon fiber mixing, Nylon, PC, etc are enhanced options. If you are looking for a very professional industrial 3D printer with large-scale, D600 Pro will be your best choice.
The D600/Pro works perfectly in automotive or aerospace industries, as well as art design, products design, cultural relics reproduction or concept modelling. It brings the large-scale additive manufacturing on more affordable level in prototyping or designing.

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Nozzle Temperature Up To 420 ℃

D600 and D600 Pro equiped with the 4th generation 1.75mm dual extruders and hotends. The left extruder equipped with 260°C hotend, It is able to print with PLA, ABS, PC, Nylon, Carbon fiber, Flexible, etc. The right extruder 420°C hotend is made of martensite steel, which is able to print high performance materials. The dual hotend is replaceable, which provide more possibility on your application.

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Servo Motors With Gear Reduction

  • High Accuracy: closed-loop control of position, speed and torque; overcome the problem of losing step; No layer shift
  • Good high-speed performance
  • Stability: timeliness, fast response, no inertia, no delay
  • Comfort: heat and noise are significantly reduced

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Fully Enclosed Chamber

The whole-steel body not only ensure the stability when printing but also extend the usage period. The fully enclosed chamber can block all external interference. Also this frame can reduce noises, at the same time to provide constant temperature, so that the model won't deform. The first batch of CreatBot 3D printers have been working for 9 years and more than 30,000 hours.

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High Precision

CreatBot exclusively researched and developed the extruder feeding system that supports high-speed printing while being able to achieve great accuracy, that can reach up to 0.05mm, since it provides extrude stable filament extrusion without blockage.

  • Precision up to: 0.05 mm
  • Speed up to: 200 mm/s

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Outage Restored & Filament Detection

The printer will automatically memorize the current position and save print data. Lower the platform and withdraw filament when power off suddenly. It will continue to print from the last stopped point after power’s on.

The printer will avoid invalid printing by stoping print and warning when filament runs out.

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HEPA Air Filtration

The air filter system can adsorb impurities and gases that are generated by printing special filament, providing extra protection for your work environment and making the D600/ D600 Pro a safer alternative, more suitable for house, school, office space.

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Build Volume 600*600*600mm
Number of Print Heads 2
Filament Diameter 1.75mm
Material Compatibility PLA, ABS, Carbon Fiber, Wood, Nylon, PC, PETG, HIPS, PP, Flexible, TPU, PVA, κ.ά.
Nozzle Diameter 0.4mm - Διατίθενται προαιρετικά (0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm)
Maximum Print Speed 120 mm/s
X/Y Axis Positioning Precision 5.08 μm
Ακρίβεια Τοποθέτησης στον άξονα Ζ 1.25 μm
Power Supply Requirements 100V-110V or 200V-240V / 50-60Hz(D600 ONLY) (Depending on your country's default voltage) | 200V-240V / 50-60Hz (D600 Pro)
Operating Systems Win7/8/10, MacOS
Product Dimensions & Weight (Net) 915*845*1085mm | 125kg
Packing Dimensions & Weight (Gross) 940*1010*1320mm | 165kg (Pallet)
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