Hardened Steel Nozzle

Enhanced durability for abrasive filaments. Upgrade to the wear-resistant nozzles, specially designed for printing metallic PLA and carbon fiber on compatible models of XYZprinting's printers.

Toughened for Durability

Printing with abrasive materials causes wear and tear quickly to standard (copper) nozzles. These strong, hardened steel nozzles are abrasion-resistant and can last 100x longer when printing metallic PLA and carbon fiber, helping you save money on replacing worn-out nozzles.


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XYZ Combi - Nozzle x Filament

Compatible with selected models from both our consumer and pro range of 3D printers, these nozzles also work with XYZprinting’s Premium Metallic PLA and XYZ Carbon Fiber - making it accessible for even beginners to create these exotic 3D prints on a small budget.

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Create Exotic Prints

Become a master maker. These nozzles also let you print 3rd party metallic PLA and carbon fiber on our compatible open-filament 3D printers. With this simple upgrade, you’re on your way to creating 3D prints like metallic miniatures and carbon fiber F1 cars.

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