MX Lab

MX-Lab is a unique opportunity to enter the DED (Direct Energy Deposition) technology. It is a perfect choice for materials research.
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Hexa Feeding System

The MX-Lab's built-in CVM feeding system with multiple hoppers is optimized for HEA (High Entropy Alloy) research. It can speed-scan an alloy with various compositions at once, while printing with previously premixed alloy powder enables only one alloy proportion.

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CVM Powder System

Next step of powder Feeding system - CVM (Clogged Vibration Method) powder feeder is an advanced type of powder feeding system. It has a remarkably stable powder feed rate, a semi-permanent lifespan, and a broad feeding rate range. It can feed titanium powder from 0.03g/min to 2g/min with no hardware change. Also, the gravity powder supply method and direct powder supply method with gas are applicable in the DED process.

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