Meltio Engine

Meltio Engine is a sophisticated and powerful device which enables 3D printing of full density metal parts with CNC machines, robots, and gantry systems. The Engine allows printing parts from wire or powder (or both simultaneously) in the same machine, by using our patented multi-laser technology.
3D Printing Technology
Laser Metal Deposition (LMD)
Laser Power
Product Dimensions (WxDxH)
390x650x1000 mm

Unique technology

Meltio Engine can produce complex metallic components from both wire and powder feedstock. The ability to produce parts from wire makes operation and material handling very clean, as well as ensuring 100% material efficiency. Being able to process powder fills the gap to conventional LMD and brings the ability to mix alloys on the fly.


Low-cost entry solution for professional metal 3D printing

Meltio Engine provides a low-cost entry to metal additive manufacturing. It can use any commercially available metal wires and powders in the market and the cost of both the equipment and the spare parts is substantially lower compared to competing technologies. Because the Engine can be used to retrofit current machines (CNC machines, robots and gantry systems), it is highly flexible and versatile.


Unconstrained build envelope

The Metlio Engine can print full density metal parts to any size allowed by the system to which it is integrated. This provides a high degree of capability and flexibility. Furthermore, the highly compact dimensions of the Engine 390x650x1000mm ensures seamless integration, without the typical hassle of common and bulky industrial hardware.

Great results and versatility

The specially designed deposition nozzle facilitates optimized argon diffusion over the meltpool substantially reducing oxidation and enabling 3D printing of reactive metals in an open atmosphere environment. The Engine enables not only metal 3D printing of full density parts, but also an all-in-one additive manufacturing solution for repairing parts, laser cladding, laser welding (autogenous and with filler), laser cutting, laser texturing and polishing.


3D Printing Technology Laser Metal Deposition (LMD)
Laser Power 1200W
Product Dimensions (WxDxH) 390x650x1000 mm
Open Materials Yes
Material Compatibility Any commercially available metal in wire or powder
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