What is Netfabb?

Netfabb® offers a complete toolset that streamlines workflows and reduces build errors.
• Convert and import models from many different CAD applications
• Create models that take advantage of additive manufacturing
• Maximize the number of parts you can fit into each build

Picture for category Streamline your workflows to produce better outcomes

Streamline your workflows to produce better outcomes

  • Work with customized supports, mesh repair, and improved workflows to optimize your production process
  • Get more from your part build, no matter what machine is used
  • Shorten production times and reduce manufacturing costs

Picture for category Gain competitive advantages through connected processes

Gain competitive advantages through connected processes

  • Create innovative, high-performance products that are beyond traditional design tools, materials, and manufacturing processes
  • Connect Netfabb with Fusion 360, Netfabb Simulation, and more
  • Explore a wider range of design options with generative design. Quickly generate high-performing design alternatives optimized for additive manufacturing

Which Netfabb product is right for you?

Quickly prepare models for additive manufacturing and 3D printing.
Optimize designs using latticing tools, build supports, and automatic part packing
Identify and minimize build failures using limited local simulation capabilities, draft custom toolpath strategies, and automate common print preparation tasks
Simulate metal powder bed fusion and directed energy deposition additive processes