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PiMS could be described as workflow management system with serious document management capabilities, even though we believe that this categorization is unfair to some of its unique characteristicts.

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Benefits of PiMS

  • PiMS fully integrates the organizational structure of your company and functions according to it.
  • It does not follow the computer approach where the system administrator (who typically is a person with great IT knowledge but not of a high rank within the company) defines the rights of the rest, while he maintains full control of the system and its information.
  • To the contrary, rights are distributed by the system to the properly graded persons according to organizational structure of the company. For instance, the Managing Director of a company has complete freedom on the whole system. If he wants to grant rights to an employee, then he simply designates him a company role (e.g. Enginnering Dpt. manager). He does not need to set "read" rights in specific forms or "read - write" rights in specific documents etc., concepts widely spread within the IT field but very foreign and confusing to non professionals.
  • Every installation of PIMS is unique, exactly like the company using it. Therefore, we add each customers' logo on the systems' forms, a practice that creates a feeling of familiarity with the software.

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Functional Analysis

PiMS does Workflow: Information is created, checked, approved & distributed according to official procedures, in a user friendly way

PiMS does Data Distribution: It offers per project automated data distribution both within the organization & to 3 rd Parties.

PiMS is Role based: It combines both the corporate and the project team structures, assuring security with no need for extra IT administration.

PiMS offers deterministic Search: It provides users with extensive search capabilities to easily and accurately locate and export all desired documents.

Data Laws Compliance: All information, documents & data distribution performed by PiMS are logged, tracked & do not get deleted throughout System’s lifespan

PiMS provides Email Integration: Incoming Email Integration Tools, for easily inserting incoming communications and related data.

Outgoing Email automation, so that information related to 3rd Parties is shared with them from inside PiMS , without requiring extra actions

PiMS also offers integration with Meridian & other corporate systems

Zero IT Administration: PiMS is user self service. IT only sets and monitors the System backup schedule