Picture for category Overview |  What is the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection?

Overview | What is the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection?

The collection is an integrated set of professional-grade applications that connect everyone, from concept to production, with shared tools to streamline your product development process.

  • Create high-performing product designs and production system layouts
  • Extend product capabilities and prevent product failures
  • Connect your team and your data from design to manufacture


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Picture for category What the Collection Does?

What the Collection Does?

See how the collection gives you the power to create your most ambitious ideas, collaborate more efficiently, automate busywork, and explore more design options than ever before:


From a single part to massive assemblies, intuitively model and document your products with professional-grade 3D parametric design capabilities and 2D drafting toolsets.

  • Quickly create complete product models: From a single part to massive assemblies, intuitively model and document your products with professional-grade 3D parametric design capabilities and 2D drafting toolsets.
  • High efficient production lines start here: Conceptualize production line layouts using familiar 2D workflows that can be automatically converted into detailed 3D models, helping inform critical design decisions
  • Introduction to the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection:See how powerful CAD, CAM, and CAE tools come together in the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection. Join our technical experts as they guide you through some popular use cases. [WATCH THE WEBINAR]
  • Communicate your idea with stunning visualizations: Clearly convey your design with high-fidelity imagery and animations generated directly from your 3D model for use in design reviews, documentation, and sales and marketing collateral.
  • Streamline the move to manufacturing: Create efficient processes that help you seamlessly transition from design to manufacturing with integrated tools for generating multi-axis toolpaths and sheet metal nest


Picture for category Connect your 2D & 3D Design Tasks

Connect your 2D & 3D Design Tasks

Combine the capabilities of 2D and 3D CAD to integrate electromechanical models, conceptualize designs, and speed up the creation of drawings and documentation.
• Manage all that data in less time: Control your intellectual property in a single location, making it easy to collaborate with your colleagues. Securely share data externally to simplify and speed-up review cycles.
• Best practices for large-scale design projects: See how the collection can help bring all of your 2D and 3D data from multiple disciplines, as well as point cloud data, into one complete model.[WATCH THE WEBINAR]
• Speak the many dialects of CAD and BIM: Reference models created in other CAD or BIM applications that update anytime the original files are changed. Prepare BIM objects of your product models for delivery to your clients.
• Collaborate effectively on large scale design projects: Aggregate design data from multiple sources to perform reviews of large scale designs. Check for clashes, simulate installation, and centralize communication between stakeholders.

Picture for category Consider all Design Alternatives

Consider all Design Alternatives

Generative design capabilities let you create multiple, production-ready design options, and review tradeoffs in materials, performance, cost, and manufacturing processes.

  • Push the boundaries for better products: Extend product capabilities, improve efficiency, and prevent failures with advanced performance simulation built on the Autodesk Nastran solver.
  • Introduction to generative design: Generative design technology is available to any user of the collection. Learn how you can solve complete design and engineering challenges in hours—not days or weeks. [WATCH THE WEBINAR]
  • Evaluate factory projects before you build: Remove bottlenecks in the process with discrete-event simulation capabilities, and in the installation using clash detection between the as-is state and proposed production line designs.
  • Evaluate the cost of dimensional variation: Balance mechanical fit and performance with the cost of tighter tolerances based on an analysis of the cumulative dimensional variation between mating geometry.

Picture for category How the Collection Helps your Business?

How the Collection Helps your Business?

Increase win rates and deliver faster
With a connected and automated toolset, quickly configure and deliver products to customer spec.

Improve product quality
Use advanced simulation to validate and optimize products and manufacturing processes.

Promote sustainability
Develop products and processes that optimize material use and minimize waste.

Expand product capabilities
Explore new possibilities to improve performance using the machines you already own.


Included Software

Picture of FUSION 360
A cloud-based 3D CAD/CAM tool for product development that combines industrial and mechanical design, collaboration, and machining in a single package. Fusion 360 enables fast and easy exploration of design ideas with an integrated concept-to-production platform.
Picture of Inventor
Powerful mechanical design software for your most ambitious ideas