XYZprinting Jr Filament PETG 600gr

XYZprinting's PETG filament is a versatile material with high transparency and high impact resistance. It's easy to print with, tough, warp resistant, and recyclable.
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Filament Diameter

Strong and Reliable

XYZprinting PETG filament is stronger and offers more impact resistance than acrylic ABS and PLA filaments. It's toughness and resistance make it a dependable material for various projects.

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Weather Resistant

PETG provides excellent weather resistance; it has UV-resistant properties which maintains the product's toughness and prevents yellowing.

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Easy to Print and Tool

Much like PLA, XYZprinting's PETG filament can print quite easily as it has reduced print warping potential. In post-production, the PETG prints can be sanded, drilled, sawed, bent, or cut without compromising the structural integrity or layer adhesion of the print. The PETG filament can endure various tooling procedures, making it extremely versatile to use.

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