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da Vinci Junior Pro X+

A reliable and versatile desktop 3D printer that gives makers the freedom to create. Loaded with features, it delivers high-quality 3D prints on a wide range of materials.
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3D Printing Technology
Build Volume
175 x 175 x 175 mm

Unlock the full potential of your 3D printer

New Dual Cooling System

Two cooling fans are fitted on the extruder of the da Vinci Jr. Pro X+. This new dual cooling system helps to prevent the extruded material from stringing and drooping. With better cooling, you get 3D prints with improved quality and smooth surfaces.

Easily Upgradable

The da Vinci Jr. Pro X+ comes with a quick-release extruder that lets you switch and upgrade easily to our Hardened Steel Nozzles* and laser engraving module add-on*.

*Optional upgrades that are sold separately

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Quality 3D Prints with Heated Print Bed

Improved Print Quality

The da Vinci Jr. Pro X+’s print bed distributes heat evenly and keeps the extruded material warm. This helps to prevent warping and produces high-quality 3D prints with materials like ABS.

Innovative 9-point Auto-calibration Feature

Set up your 3D printer effortlessly. With just a click, a calibration system automatically measures the distance between the nozzle and print bed at 9 points. It uses this info to adjust the extruder height during printing — producing 3D prints with the best possible accuracy and quality.

Better Adhesion and Easier Removal

Your models adhere and print better with a durable PC (polycarbonate) sheet and a flexible, removable build surface. When printing is completed, enjoy the convenience of taking out the build surface first, before easily removing your prints.

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A Wide Range Of Materials

The da Vinci Junior Pro X+ is a very powerfull personal 3D printer, that offers you the ability to print with a wide range of materials. Thank to it's heated print platform and the enclosed space, the Junior Pro X+ is well equipped to handle even the harder to use plastic materials like ABS and HIPS. Of course, you can still use the more popular options like PLA and PETG.

With the alternative of the Hardened Steel Nozzle, you can use filaments with additives such as Carbon Fibers, metals etc.

The Vinci Junior Pro X+ is compatible with 3rd party filaments, with a diameter of 1,75mm, other than XYZprinting's high quality materials.

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Product Dimensions (WxDxH) 378 x 280 x 355 mm
Product Weight 12 kg
Material Compatibility PLA/Tough PLA/PETG/Antibacterial PLA/ ABS/HIPS/Wood PLA/*Premium Metallic PLA /*XYZ Carbon Fiber (*Optional Extruder)
Number of Print Heads 1
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